[llvm-dev] Documentation cleanup review process?

John Byrd via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Thu Jun 13 12:20:23 PDT 2019

Dear llvm-dev,

As I've been working with llvm sources on a prototype backend, it seems to
me that much of the documentation on llvm internals is, shall we say,
wanting.  (I'm looking at you particularly, tablegen.)

I can clean up documentation issues and clarify in the .rst files as I'm
learning, but the code submission process is silent on how documentation
changes make it into master.  At this point, even CODE_OWNERS.TXT is silent
on who is responsible for the doc directory.

Pointers would be helpful.  Thank you very much.

John Byrd
Gigantic Software
2321 E 4th Street
Suite C #429
Santa Ana, CA  92705-3862
T: (949) 892-3526 F: (206) 309-0850
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