[llvm-dev] IRBuilder input debug

Winter Claus via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Tue Jun 11 23:58:21 PDT 2019

Dear Developers,

I would like get detailed info if verification of the intermediate
representation fails.
Currently I am using IRBuilder to create a module, and I encountered an
error, which I cannot trace back to the IRBuilder related call, which
caused the error:
"Instruction does not dominate all uses!
%14 = load i32, i32* @r6 <https://github.com/r6>
%11 = trunc i32 %14 to i8
LLVM ERROR: Broken function found, compilation aborted!"

This description is too losely specified for me to know, where the causing
code is located. Getting 20 lines instead of 2 would help. Getting
additional info of the broken function could also help. How can this be

Best regards,
Norbert Dajka
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