[llvm-dev] FYI: LLVM Phabricactor notifications.

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(sorry again if this is known knowledge)

> There's no reason for Herald to be adding project LLVM/subscriber
llvm-commits at the last second here.

Its possible the rL (LLVM) had be added as the repository in the review on
creation rather than rCFE, if thats the case then the herald rule "H270" is
going to fire because it see the repository in the review, so add LLVM
project and llvm-commits as a subscriber automatically. It won't care that
this has gone into rCFE and not rL  (I mean it does go into rL via the
cfe/trunk but I'm not sure if you want to notify for that)

As there is no mention of the repository being change the revisions feed (
https://reviews.llvm.org/D62616) I suspect it was created that way, and its
only as the commit fires that it gets added.  (it might be clearer if a
herald rule so these are added at review creation, although anyone then
removing them will get them readded at commit if they still have the
incorrect repository.)

MyDeveloperDay (Paul)
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