[llvm-dev] The meaning of DILexicalBlockFile

Peng Yu via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Thu Jan 31 10:14:49 PST 2019


The langref says the following. But I don't quite understand them. Can
somebody show some C code and how the corresponding debug info will be
encoded in the IR using DILexicalBlockFile? Thanks.

DILexicalBlockFile nodes are used to discriminate between sections of
a lexical block. The file: field can be changed to indicate textual
inclusion, or the discriminator: field can be used to discriminate
between control flow within a single block in the source language.

!0 = !DILexicalBlock(scope: !3, file: !4, line: 7, column: 35)
!1 = !DILexicalBlockFile(scope: !0, file: !4, discriminator: 0)
!2 = !DILexicalBlockFile(scope: !0, file: !4, discriminator: 1)


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