[llvm-dev] Finding label of basic block where a conditional branch merges

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If I'm understanding your ask correctly, you want every value whose execution or non-execution was controlled by a condition. This isn't quite standard control-dependence, but you would want a variant of an algorithm to compute the set of basic blocks that are control-dependent on a value. (Contrary to what David Greene suggests, postdominance frontier is not the best way to compute that property--that is the set of values a basic block is control-dependent on, which is the inverse of the desired relation). Standard control-dependence is defined as a basic block postdominating a successor but not the basic block itself. You want to also consider basic blocks that don't necessarily postdominate a successor--essentially, you're looking for nodes which are on a path from the source basic block to the immediate postdominator.

Honestly, the best algorithm to use here would be to do a standard DFS traversal starting from the node with the condition, breaking off the traversal if it reaches the immediate postdominator.

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> Joshua, David
> much appreciate your quick help!
> What I am actually doing is statically tracing values. If one of the 
> traced values is part of a condition (e.g. in an if statement) all 
> instructions in the then and else part are also traced. The automatic 
> tracing of instructions however needs to stop when I hit the first 
> instruction after the if statement (same for switch).
> Dominators seem to be a good starting point!

It sounds like you're looking for a control dependence analysis (which Instructions/BasicBlocks are dependent on the outcome of some branch and thus on the value input into the branch).  That can be computed from the "post-dominance frontier" of the graph (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Data_dependency#Control_Dependency).  I don't think LLVM has a post-dominance frontier built-in, but it has a regular ol' DominanceFrontier.  It should be possible to adapt that to do what you want.

Good luck!

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