[llvm-dev] LLVM CallInst IR to Binary Call Instruction Address Mapping

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I have seen this kind of question before, and I believe there isn't any existing way to get that result.  This is because the LLVM IR is transformed to Selection DAG, which is transformed to Machine IR, which is then encoded to the target instruction set and written to the object file. Tracking a particular CallInst through all that would require a fair amount of additional bookkeeping information that LLVM does not currently have.

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Good day. I have developed a LLVM IR analysis process (input .bc file) which returns me a set of llvm::CallInst. Now, I am willing to convert the llvm::CallInst to its corresponding binary instruction address when the .bc file will converted to binary (I use llc for this purpose). Any suggestion how could I achieve this mapping with perfection (in presence of optimization)?

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