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Please include MSVC in the table. While the picture on Windows is way less complicated than for *nix, it's still a platform and toolchain that matter to a number of us in the community.

Separately, there was talk of needing to have bots that specifically use the oldest supported toolchains, otherwise we can't genuinely promise that they are really supported (don't want feature dependencies creeping in by accident).

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I'd expect that either we'll either workaround the issues (e.g. not start using the broken feature), or else propose to require even newer versions. And as now, discuss the expected tradeoff between new features and requiring new compiler versions.

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> One clear upside of dropping older toolchains: they don’t even support
> C++11 very well.

Do we know that the proposed newer compilers support C++14 very well?
If we encounter issues with them, how are we going to deal with that?


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