[llvm-dev] Dwarf debugging information lost

Muhui Jiang via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Tue Jan 22 04:59:53 PST 2019


Below is a snippet of binary codes and the binary is compiled by clang with
flag gdwarf-3. It is easy to see  that 0x912c is an indirect jump and
instruction 0x9128 and 0x912c would be together as a basic block

.text:0000911C loc_911C                                ; CODE XREF:
main+7F4 j
.text:0000911C                 SUB             R0, R0, #1
.text:00009120                 CMP             R0, #3  ; switch 4 cases
.text:00009124                 BHI             loc_9218 ; jumptable
0000912C default case
.text:00009128                 ADR             R1, off_9130
.text:0000912C                 LDR             PC, [R1,R0,LSL#2] ; switch
.text:00009130 off_9130        DCD loc_9778            ; DATA XREF:
main+818 o
.text:00009130                 DCD loc_9108            ; jump table for
switch statement
.text:00009130                 DCD loc_9778
.text:00009130                 DCD loc_9140

I use llvm-dwarfdump -debug-line to dump the debug information. However, I
find the related output below.0x912c is not described while the line of
0x9128 is zero, which does not help.

  542 0x0000000000009108      0      0      3   0             0
  543 0x000000000000911c    474      4      3   0             0
  544 0x0000000000009128      0      4      3   0             0
  545 0x0000000000009140    511     45      3   0             0  is_stmt

I find nearly all the instructions that are indirect jumps would not be
described by the dwarf debugging information. Anyone know the reason? Any
comments or suggestions are welcome. Many Thanks

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