[llvm-dev] Buildbot for minimum supported GCC version? (seeing local build failures)

James Henderson via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Mon Jan 21 03:51:31 PST 2019


Do we have any build bots for the currently minimum required version of
GCC? I'm currently seeing a build failure locally using v4.8.4, due to a
compiler bug fixed in 4.9 (see GCC bug id 57824), coming from
OptionalTest.cpp, relating to raw string literals in macros not being able
to encompass multiple lines. The change in question (r351548) was
introduced 3 days ago, and as far as I can see hasn't flagged up a build
bot failure.

I'm also seeing a build failure coming from llvm-xray, although in this
case it looks like it is actually a change in a header somewhere that is
causing it. I haven't yet tracked down the revision in question for this
(it's possible it's r351701 (and not fixed by r351728) but also possible
that something on my machine has got messed up), but removing the contents
of xray-converter.cpp means I can at least build successfully.


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