[llvm-dev] trying to compile for the LLVM tutorial

David Blaikie via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Sun Jan 20 13:37:02 PST 2019

Yeah, sounds like perhaps (as others mentioned on the Stack Overflow
thread) you're trying to build the examples from the source control/head
version of the examples, against the last release of LLVM - generally LLVM
is too frequently changed for that to work.

Best to either use the examples that came with the pre-built distribution
of LLVM you're using (if they came with the examples) or to build them
against the source distribution you've got rather than the mismatched
installed distribution.

- Dave

On Mon, Jan 14, 2019 at 6:31 PM Chak-Pong Chung via llvm-dev <
llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org> wrote:

> Hi LLVM community!
> I am trying to compile for this tutorial document:
> https://llvm.org/docs/tutorial/LangImpl04.html
> The issue is documented in the following question:
> https://stackoverflow.com/questions/54175916/what-is-the-right-way-to-compile-the-llvm-example-code
> does one know about this? Is the tutorial out of date already or there is
> a better place to start?
> Regards,
> Chak-Pong
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