[llvm-dev] Which python binding of LLVM is officially supported?

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On 1/13/19 12:00 PM, Peng Yu via llvm-dev wrote:
> Hi,
> I'd like to program in a scripting language such as python as
> programming in a scripting language rather than C++ can improve the
> programming productivity.
> I see several python bindings of LLVM. But I am not sure which one is
> well supported.
> https://github.com/numba/llvmlite
> http://www.llvmpy.org/
> For llvmpy only work with LLVM 3.3, but now LLVM is already at 8.0.
> This sounds to be too outdated.
> llvmlite is tailored for Numba and the support is prioritized toward
> Numba.

While I understand why you might say this, I don't think that it's true
in practice.

>  So I don't think it is a good choice either.

llvmlite is the preferred Python binding. In the compilers class that I
teach, I introduce llvmlite for students who wish to use Python. It's
reasonably comprehensive (e.g., we've run into very few things that you
can do with the C API that you can't do with llvmlite). It appears to be
actively maintained.


> Is there any better well-supported python binding for LLVM? Thanks.
> --
> Regards,
> Peng
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