[llvm-dev] Metadata/DebugInfo in *.ll file

Norbert Dajka via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Mon Jan 14 06:26:03 PST 2019

Hi list,

I found relevant documentation regarding DebugInfo creation in the LLVM IR
bytecode. It can be done for compileunits, functions, and other constructs,
with the help of DIBuilder class. However I can't save debug information
related to individual llvm::Instructions. I tried DebugLoc, DILocation
setting directly with setMetadata(). I tried other ways, for e.g.:
insertDbgValueIntrinsic(). If I set invalid parameters for the call, then
the LLVM passes warn me, correctly, so at least I see in the log, that LLVM
tries to assign debuginfo to given instruction. If however I set valid
parameters, then I suppose, that the passes drop the debuginfo related to
an Instruction.
Do you know a surefire way to avoid the drop of instruction related

Thanks for your time,
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