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Martin Storsjö via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Fri Jan 11 06:26:40 PST 2019


The COFF support in llvm-objcopy is in a pretty half-finished state at the 
moment. I had hoped to have it mostly usable for the common scenarios by 
the time of the branch (the initial patch was sent at the end of 
November), but it's still lacking stripping of sections (while stripping 
of symbols is pretty much done) and a few other minor features I have 
waiting to be polished up according to review comments.

When used right now, it won't error out or warn about not doing what 
actually was requested, but just copy the object/executable and do some 
symbol removals if requested.

With the branch coming real soon, what's the preferred course of action?

0 - Do nothing, release this as is. As llvm-objcopy hasn't supported COFF 
before, nobody will try it and run into the issue.

1 - Rip out the COFF support in the branch and let it error out as it did 

2 - Add a custom patch for the branch, which makes the tool error out if 
an option that is known to be unimplemented/incomplete is specified, 
keeping the functionality that is known to be complete.

3 - Merge the llvm-objcopy/COFF patches to the release branch as things 
are completed in trunk during the rc phase, hopefully reaching a more 
complete state within that timeframe. As this is a new feature, it 
shouldn't have any stability impact on the rest (at least as long as we 
don't end up needing to patch other libraries in the process).

What do you think?

// Martin

On Wed, 9 Jan 2019, Hans Wennborg via cfe-dev wrote:

> Hello everyone,
> This is just a quick reminder that the upcoming release branch is
> scheduled for creation one week from today, on Wednesday 16 January
> 2019.
> The full schedule is available under "Upcoming Releases" in the right
> column at https://llvm.org.
> Please try to avoid committing disruptive changes just before or after
> the branch.
> As the branch is created, the trunk version will become 9.0.0.
> Thanks,
> Hans
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