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Also, the textual IR is really a developer/debugging tool, not something an end-user would be expected to look at, so the textual names would be largely pointless in a release build.
If you are writing lit tests that look at textual IR, and they are failing with release builds, you can add the "REQUIRES: asserts" directive to the lit test so that the test won't be run for a release build.

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The names are dropped to save memory when a release build of the compiler is being used. This is what you probably want on a release compiler you intend to ship since it should be faster. The NDEBUG check is an easy way to tell the difference between release and debug builds. People probably don't want to have to remember to set an additional cmake option to make a release compiler faster.

The -fdiscard-value-names/-fno-discard-value-names was added about a year ago https://reviews.llvm.org/D42887  not sure if there is more discussion about the asserts behavior discussed there.


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> And the clang behavior can be controlled with -
> fdiscard-value-names/-fno-discard-value-names

That's a little better for users, but again, why should the default
behavior change based on whether or not asserts are enabled?

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