[llvm-dev] Advice for Porting SafeStack to New Pass Manager

Leonard Chan via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Wed Jan 2 11:44:12 PST 2019

> > My question is what would be the correct way to proceed with porting
> > TargetPassConfig to the new PM? Normally, what I have done before and
> > what I have seen from other examples is to separate the logic of what
> > the pass does to an IRUnit and the pass itself into 2 separate
> > classes, then an instance of the class that contains the logic can be
> > owned by a pass for the new PM. The only trouble I see with this is
> > that this will require a lot of refactoring (that I started but
> > haven't finished), since TargetPassConfig is the parent to many other
> > passes/analyses and these classes override many virtual methods in
> > TargetPassConfig, so it may not be the cleanest solution and
> > potentially prone to a lot of error.
> When possible separation of IR analysis/transformation logic from the
> pass-manager-specific
> pass/analysis housekeeping provides a cleanest way to share code between
> legacy and newpm
> while avoiding any ill dependencies.
> In some cases this was done by NewPM pass instance reusing the
> LegacyPass class
> as an instance that does the actual transformation.
> Yet, as I  scan through TargetPassConfig, it looks more like a
> PassBuilder/PassManager rather
> than an analysis.

Do you know of other analyses that also act like pass
builders/managers that were ported to new PM?


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