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Wed Aug 28 13:39:05 PDT 2019

Hey everyone,

Next week is the official start of doc development for Google Season of
Docs. This part of the program lasts for three months (Sept. 2 - November

Here’s a high-level overview of the items that I’d like to tackle during
that time:

1. Restructure the LLVM docs homepage.

2. Reorganize the User Guides, Programming Documentation, and Subsystem
Documentation topics into specific categories/pages.

3. Update the Sphinx/reStructuredText style guide.

4. Misc. site enhancements, doc updates, bug fixes, etc.

Per the guidelines outlined in the LLVM Developer Policy, I’ll be taking an
incremental/iterative approach by breaking up my updates into smaller
chunks. The first item I’ll be working on is a revamp of the existing LLVM
Docs homepage. The updated homepage will (initially) consist of the
following four sections:

# About

# LLVM Design and Overview

# Documentation

# Community


- Each section will include introductory text along with links to relevant
topics. For this first iteration, I don’t anticipate making any large-scale
changes to the existing text/links.

- I’ll be temporarily moving the User Guides, Programming Documentation,
and Subsystem Documentation sections to separate pages. Links to each page
will be included under the “Documentation” section.

- The Documentation section is intended to be a temporary placeholder. It
will eventually be split into multiple sections. For example, a section for
Getting Started, How-Tos, Tutorials, Reference, etc. This work will be
included as part of my second task to reorganize the existing docs into
specific categories/pages. I’ll go over my proposal for this task at a
later date.

In the meantime, if you have any questions or suggestions, let me know.


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