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> Hi everyone. My name is DeForest Richards. I’m the technical writer who
> was selected to work on the LLVM project as part of the Google Season of
> Docs program. I’ll be helping to restructure the documentation page(s) to
> make it easier for new and existing users to navigate the LLVM docs.
> I’m currently reviewing the existing docs, so you’ll probably see me
> posting questions over the next several weeks. That said, I do have a
> couple of quick questions that I wanted to ask right now…
>    1. I noticed that the LLVM Docs currently use Sphinx 1.7.6, which is
>    an older version. (I believe 2.x is the latest version.) Is this
>    intentional? Updating to the latest version of Sphinx is probably low on my
>    list of priorities, but I was just curious if there was a specific reason
>    for keeping the docs at the older version.
There's no specific reason for this.  We setup Sphinx a while ago and only
upgraded once to get markdown support (which is now the preferred format
for new docs).  The only constraint on upgrading to 2.x would be is it
available on our minimum supported platform, or are we willing to have a
higher minimum for generating the docs.

>    1. Back in 2012, there was a commit that removed the sidebar from the
>    Docs page. Does anyone know/remember why this was done? I checked the
>    commit message but it’s fairly short and doesn’t provide much context.
Who committed it?

- Michael Spencer
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