[llvm-dev] [ORC] Removing / replacing JITDylibs

Kavon Farvardin via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Mon Aug 19 15:38:31 PDT 2019


I'm working on a runtime autotuner that utilizes ORCv2 JIT (I'm closely tracking
tip-of-tree), so linking new object files and patching in the new function(s)
will happen frequently. 

One of the concerns my runtime system has is the ability to do one of the
following: (1) replacement of the contents of a JITDylib with a new object file
[to provide semi-space GC-style reclaiming], (2) the outright removal of a

Right now, I have one ExecutionSession instance for my linker and am creating a
new JITDylib for each object file that I'd like to link in. There doesn't appear
to be a corresponding ExecutionSession::removeJITDylib(..) method, so I'm
wondering: how do I reclaim the memory for code that I've linked in previously
but no longer need?

When using MCJIT, I would reclaim this memory by destroying the ExecutionEngine
that was created for each "JITDylib". Should I do the same with

For reference, here's the short bit of code I'm playing with for linking with


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