[llvm-dev] How to change the source of a bitcast operator in a call instruction

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I am trying to write a llvm pass to set a call instruction target 
function to a different target. The call instruction looks like following:

notail callvoidbitcast(void(i64, i64, i64)* @monitortovoid(i64, i8*, 
i64)*)(i642193551, i8*bitcast(i32(...)** @qcmptoi8*), i64%18), !dbg !25563

I want to replace target **monitor** to a different target **monitorA**. 
The callInst->setCalledFunction entirely remove the bitcast operator. 
The bitcast->setOperand(0, F) throws assert error. What should be the 

Note: I am working on clang version 7.0.0

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