[llvm-dev] LLVM 8 + Mavericks?

Audiovisart via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Mon Apr 22 04:46:23 PDT 2019

W dniu 2019-04-08 o 21:39, Tim Northover pisze:
> Hi,
> On Mon, 8 Apr 2019 at 18:28, Audiovisart <audiovisart at gmail.com> wrote:
>> I noticed seeing amidst msgs "Could NOT find Z3 (missing: Z3_LIBRARIES
>> Z3_INCLUDE_DIR) (Required is at least version "4.7.1")"
> This is normal. Z3 is a SAT solver library, and not even remotely
> essential to compiling or running LLVM. I've seen the message
> thousands of times.
>> that stopped saying it didn't find "compression.h", I thought it should
>> be somewhere because I've zlib installed, I looked and it wasn't
>> anywhere, although I webbed that MacOSX 10.13 sdk has it so I unpacked
>> it to Xcode so I had MacOSX10.9.sdk and MacOSX10.13.sdk in SDKs, I
>> erased all build files, cmake now displayed "Found SDK version 10.10"
>> (it puzzled me, I've 10.13), I ran make and got:
>> /Users/mkl/Downloads/llvm/llvm-8.0.0.src/tools/lldb/tools/debugserver/source/RNBRemote.cpp:45:10:
>> fatal error:
> That's unfortunate, but if it's restricted to lldb you might have some
> luck if you just didn't bother compiling that and just used the system
> debugger. If you're actually trying to work on lldb you may need a
> more robust solution, but that's pretty rare.
>> lld::mach_o::MachODylibFile::exports(llvm::StringRef, llvm::StringRef)
>> const + 53
> lld is unfortunately not a suitable replacement for the system's own
> ld64. Some work was done a few years back, but it never reached
> anything near feature parity and has bitrotted since. You should only
> be using it for ELF and COFF (and WAsm) unless you're planning on
> working on lld itself, and then you'd know the issues.
> So, in summary my advice is:
> 1. Only build the bits of LLVM you intend to work on and use.
> 2. Use the system tools to do that build where possible.
> Cheers.
> Tim.
I get another thing if I build 32-bit version, tsan_platform.h: only 
64-bit supported and error around MappingImpl in compiler-rt, should it 
be built without it as well due to this crap?


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