[llvm-dev] Opt Bisect layering

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I would not make the caller pass the description of the IR unit. That is
because it would result in the description generated every time even if
OptBisect is disabled. Description generation is not very chip.
Thinking on the OptBisect extension, I believe passing the units are the
right choice because OptPassGates may use them to make pass skipping

-Yevgeny Rouban

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There is a patch under review right now from someone who wants to provide a
mechanism to replace OptBisect as the pass gate keeping mechanism.


Possibly we could take this opportunity to move OptBisect to a different
layer, though I don’t know where else it would belong.

The other possibility is that we could have the caller pass in a
description instead of a pointer to the pass and the IR unit. OptBisect
isn’t doing anything with them other than building a string for output.

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