[llvm-dev] svn problem checking out test suite

Bill Seurer via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Fri Jan 26 08:13:26 PST 2018

I updated one of the powerpc64 lnt buildbot machines to a new OS release 
and the buildbot started failing every run when it tries to check out 
the test suite.

The checkout will run for a while then always fails like this:

/usr/bin/svn checkout --non-interactive --no-auth-cache --revision 
323463 http://llvm.org/svn/llvm-project/test-suite/trunk@323463 
  in dir /home/buildbots/ppc64be-clang-lnt-test/clang-ppc64be-lnt 
(timeout 1200 secs)
...lots of files checked out...
svn: E000104: Error running context: Connection reset by peer

I stopped the bot from running for now because it was just failing every 

I tried checking out the test suite by hand on the same machine with the 
same results.  If I restart the checkout (or do an svn update) it will 
run a bit longer then fail.  Eventually I figured out that 3 files were 
causing the problem:


I tried on other powerpc64 machines (various distros and BE/LE) and it 
works on all of them UNLESS they are using the latest version of svn, 
version 1.9.7 (r1800392).  The latest svn version that worked on a 
powerpc64 machine was 1.9.5.

Hmmm.  It also will fail on a mac running svn 1.9.4.

1.9.7 on a powerpc64 BE machine or on the mac with 1.9.4 always 
eventually gives the "Connection reset by peer" and 1.9.7 hangs on a 
powerpc64 LE machine.

Is there be something wrong with those 3 files?  I am really hoping that 
svn isn't broken.

-Bill Seurer

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