[llvm-dev] Exception handling support for a target

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The high level of what happens is that __builtin_eh_return forces a spill of all the non-volatile registers.  The unwinder then has a starting point for populating and adjusting those non-volatile registers.

This approach usually requires that the function calling __builtin_eh_return be built without optimizations, because the optimizer will then remove the spills.

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On 1/22/2018 8:40 AM, David Chisnall wrote:
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On 1/19/2018 7:21 PM, 陳韋任 wrote:
I see X86, Mips, XCore and Hexagon define their own EH_RETURN and lower to it, but others don't. May I know why it's so on Hexagon?

Our exception handling runtime uses __builtin_eh_return.

Does this mean that you know what it does?  If so, please could you document it somewhere?

I don't actually, but I can find out.

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