[llvm-dev] [ELF] Symbol-ordering-file warnings

James Henderson via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Mon Jan 22 02:00:53 PST 2018


In our proprietary linker, we have a switch which has essentially identical
functionality to the --symbol-ordering-file LLD switch. One of the main
areas that it differs in is that our linker warns in various circumstances,
if there is a problem with the contents of the order file. We would like to
propose adding these same warnings to LLD, if there is interest in them.
Following are the situations we warn in, and some of the justifications
behind them:

When a symbol in the order file is not found - might help catch typos in
that file.

Imported/undefined symbols - symbols in other modules clearly can’t be
reordered in the current link.

Absolute symbols - these do not have a position in the file, so ordering
them makes no sense.

Removed symbols (i.e. via --gc-sections) - it doesn’t make much sense to
try to order such symbols, since they have no position in the output.

Would people be interested in these warnings?


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