[llvm-dev] [lldb-dev] Trying out lld to link windows binaries (using msvc as a compiler)

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lldb-dev is specifically for the llvm debugger, and llvm-dev is for
everything else (including lld)

Did you compile the object files with clang and use -mllvm

It sounds like probably not.  If you don’t do that /DEBUG:GHASH will indeed
be much slower.  I wonder if we should emit a linker diagnostic in this case

On Fri, Jan 19, 2018 at 12:09 PM Leonardo Santagada via lldb-dev <
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> Hi all,
> At work I have been experimenting with linking with lld, I can give all
> sorts of information about the performance so far if someone wants to hear
> it, but for a large binary (around 100mb and 800mb of symbols) it takes
> considerably more memory and time than the vs 2015 and 2017 linker.
> What I've been playing around is the idea of creating a tool that generate
> those DEBUG:GHASH sections on .obj files already created, I saw code for
> reading them in lld and started looking at the codeview part of clang, is
> there any documentation around that, and would anyone else have interest in
> such a tool? I wish we could just jump shit to clang but right now that is
> not a possibility (It mostly revolves around windows.h and the copy of it
> we mantain).
> ps: I have two patches that I needed to get it to finish linking I can
> submit them monday.
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