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Hello LLVM-People,

I'm still a beginner with the LLVM, but I really like the concept and the 
possibilities with the JIT.

Currently I compile simple functions with clang-cl into bitcode files. 
After this I use another program to JIT this bitcode files and execute 
functions of it - like lli.
Thanks to a lot of mails and so on, I understood that a bitcode file is in 
fact still IR-Code, but with another representation - so when I JIT this 
file with my application, I'm acting like a compiler (like llc).

But what does happen to the debug information? When I generate the files 
in human readable code I can easily discover the metadata and understand 
them. So I want to extend my application, that it can debug the code, 
which was jitted. This seems difficult. When I get the address of a debug 
break, I can only identify the function where the exception occurred. I 
don't see a way to connect the metadata to the offset I could calculate 
from the exception and the function. Also I don't know how to progress the 
metadata when it's in its bitcode form. So - how can I start with this 

Kind regards
Björn Gaier

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