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Thanks very much Eli, that is a good approach.  I assumed that this is the canonicalized form, but if not, I am sure I can add a simple pass to canonicalize other probable patterns to ensure a match.

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> Quick question.  The 'ISD::CTPOP' node allows a target to lower the counting of ones in a word to a single instruction.  Our target also has an instruction for counting the zeroes in a word.  Does CTPOP support counting of zeroes as well as ones instead of doing either "CTPOP(INVERT(operand))" or "N-bits - CTPOP(operand)"?

There is no target-independent ISD opcode for the operation you're describing (as far as I know, no in-tree target has an instruction like that).  I would suggest handling this using pattern-matching in your backend, e.g. "def : Pat<(i32 (ctpop (not i32:$a))), (INVCTPOP R:$a)>;".


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