[llvm-dev] LEAQ instruction path

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Wed Jan 17 18:30:23 PST 2018


I've been trying to teach LLVM that pointers are 128-bit long, which
segfaults with some seemingly unrelated stacktrace when I try to take an
address of a variable. Since stack saving and loading seems to work fine, I
dare to assume the instruction causing problems there is leaq. Now I've
done a search for leaq of the entire LLVM codebase with no success and I'd
like to know which DAG nodes and eventually instructions does the last
store in the following piece of code get translated to before it gets

  %1 = alloca i32, align 4
  %2 = alloca i32*, align 8
  store i32 10, i32* %1, align 4
  store i32* %1, i32** %2, align 8


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The University of Edinburgh
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