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the first version of the contributing page is now online, thanks to Tanya for sorting out the doc build issue: https://llvm.org/docs/Contributing.html

The page is intended as a first point of entry for (new) contributors to LLVM, so I think it would make sense to link it on somewhere on https://llvm.org/, what do you think?

Maybe it would also be worth mentioning it in the README or have a CONTRIBUTING file in the project root.



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On 28/12/2017 18:06, Robinson, Paul wrote:
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>>> I was thinking about putting up a `new contributors` page, with some
>>> helpful information including a link to the beginners label. I was
>>> hoping to put something up for review in the next couple of days, if
>>> anybody thinks that would be useful.
>> Sounds like a good idea and I'll happily review.
> +1 and ditto.  I even have access to a newcomer and can see what he thinks.
> --paulr

I have put up a first version of a page for (new) contributors to LLVM
up for review: https://reviews.llvm.org/D41665

Looking forward to your comments.

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