[llvm-dev] Passing Array base address/pointer to runtime function in LLVM IR

Bernard Nongpoh via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Mon Jan 8 23:08:12 PST 2018

Hello LLVM,

I am a beginner in  LLVM

My Goal is to initialize array element with random values.

 llvm::Type *i32_type = llvm::IntegerType::getInt32Ty(allocaInst->getContext());

    llvm::Value *value = llvm::ConstantInt::get(i32_type, numberOfElement);


callInst = llvm::CallInst::Create(runtimeInitializeRandomIntegerArrayValue,
                                           , allocaInst->getNextNode());

Tried the above code but no luck ..
Any method that can easily pass array base address/pointer to function.

Question on stackoverlfow:

 Thanks in advance..

Bernard Nongpoh
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