[llvm-dev] llvm-6.0.0rc2: fatal error: clang/Basic/Version.h: No such file or directory

Hans Wennborg via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Fri Feb 16 02:48:10 PST 2018

On Thu, Feb 15, 2018 at 8:02 PM, Dimitry Andric <dimitry at andric.com> wrote:
> On 15 Feb 2018, at 15:45, Siegmar Gross via llvm-dev <llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org> wrote:
>> today I've tried to build llvm-6.0.0rc2 using Cmake on my "SUSE Linux
>> Enterprise Server 12.3 (x86_64)" with the following commands (gcc-6.4.0
>> is necessary for CUDA-9.0).
>> wget http://prereleases.llvm.org/6.0.0/rc2/llvm-6.0.0rc2.src.tar.xz
>> wget http://prereleases.llvm.org/6.0.0/rc2/cfe-6.0.0rc2.src.tar.xz
>> wget http://prereleases.llvm.org/6.0.0/rc2/clang-tools-extra-6.0.0rc2.src.tar.xz
>> wget http://prereleases.llvm.org/6.0.0/rc2/compiler-rt-6.0.0rc2.src.tar.xz
>> wget http://prereleases.llvm.org/6.0.0/rc2/lldb-6.0.0rc2.src.tar.xz
>> wget http://prereleases.llvm.org/6.0.0/rc2/lld-6.0.0rc2.src.tar.xz
>> wget http://prereleases.llvm.org/6.0.0/rc2/polly-6.0.0rc2.src.tar.xz
>> wget http://prereleases.llvm.org/6.0.0/rc2/openmp-6.0.0rc2.src.tar.xz
>> tar xf llvm-6.0.0rc2.src.tar.xz
>> cd llvm-6.0.0rc2.src/tools
>> tar xf ../../cfe-6.0.0rc2.src.tar.xz
>> tar xf ../../polly-6.0.0rc2.src.tar.xz
>> tar xf ../../lldb-6.0.0rc2.src.tar.xz
>> tar xf ../../lld-6.0.0rc2.src.tar.xz
>> cd cfe-6.0.0rc2.src/tools
>> tar xf ../../../../clang-tools-extra-6.0.0rc2.src.tar.xz
>> cd ../../../projects
>> tar xf ../../compiler-rt-6.0.0rc2.src.tar.xz
>> tar xf ../../openmp-6.0.0rc2.src.tar.xz
>> cd ../..
> After this, the directory names will not be correct, unfortunately.  You'll need to do this instead:
> tar xf llvm-6.0.0rc2.src.tar.xz
> tar xf cfe-6.0.0rc2.src.tar.xz
> tar xf polly-6.0.0rc2.src.tar.xz
> tar xf lldb-6.0.0rc2.src.tar.xz
> tar xf lld-6.0.0rc2.src.tar.xz
> tar xf clang-tools-extra-6.0.0rc2.src.tar.xz
> tar xf compiler-rt-6.0.0rc2.src.tar.xz
> tar xf openmp-6.0.0rc2.src.tar.xz
> mv cfe-6.0.0rc2.src                     llvm-6.0.0rc2.src/tools/clang
> mv polly-6.0.0rc2.src                   llvm-6.0.0rc2.src/tools/polly
> mv lldb-6.0.0rc2.src                    llvm-6.0.0rc2.src/tools/lldb
> mv lld-6.0.0rc2.src                     llvm-6.0.0rc2.src/tools/lld
> mv clang-tools-extra-6.0.0rc2.src       llvm-6.0.0rc2.src/tools/clang/tools/extra
> mv compiler-rt-6.0.0rc2.src             llvm-6.0.0rc2.src/projects/compiler-rt
> mv openmp-6.0.0rc2.src                  llvm-6.0.0rc2.src/projects/openmp
> I think it might be better to distribute the source tarballs all rooted at llvm-6.0.0rc2, with the correct subpaths already embedded.  Hans, what are your thoughts about that?

I'm not sure. I agree the current situation is impractical, but some
folks like to build the packages in separate locations rather than
under tools/ or projects/ so I'm not sure embedding those sub-paths is
a good idea.

> Hopefully this will become moot at some point, if the monorepo ever gets off the ground...

Fingers crossed :-)

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