[llvm-dev] New LLD performance builder

George Rimar via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Fri Feb 16 01:55:44 PST 2018

>Hello everyone,
>I have added a new public LLD performance builder at
>It builds LLVM and LLD by the latest releaed Clang and runs a set of
>perfromance tests.
>The builder is reliable. Please pay attention on the failures.
>The performance statistics are here:

Great news, thanks !

Looking on results I am not sure how to explain them though.

For example r325313 fixes "use after free", it should not give any performance
slowdowns or boosts. Though if I read results right, they show 23.65% slowdown
for time of linking linux kernel (http://lnt.llvm.org/db_default/v4/link/104).

I guess such variation can happen for example if bot do only single link iteration for tests,
so that final time is just a error mostly probably.

task-clock results are available for "linux-kernel" and "llvm-as-fsds" only and all other
tests has blank field. Should it mean there was no noticable difference in results ?

Also, "Graph" and "Matrix" buttons whatever they should do show errors atm.
("Nothing to graph." and "Not Found: Request requires some data arguments.").

Best regards,
George | Developer | Access Softek, Inc

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