[llvm-dev] LLD: targeting cygwin

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Wed Feb 7 15:24:37 PST 2018

COFF lld doesn't support the linker script at the moment, and I'm sad to
say that it is very unlikely to support that in the future. Linker script
support is so huge that I can't imagine we really want it for COFF. GNU BFD
linker supports it because the linker is built as an interpreter for the
built-in linker script (and that's one of the reasons why GNU linker is by
far more complicated than lld), but that's not the case for lld.

So, "support linker script" is a huge feature request that we are very
unlikely to fulfill. But I don't think that you actually need all the
features of the linker script. If you have some specific need, please
explain. We may be able to help.

On Wed, Feb 7, 2018 at 3:10 PM, Andrew Kelley via llvm-dev <
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> Hello, I have a user who is trying to get LLD to link for the cygwin
> target: https://github.com/zig-lang/zig/issues/751
> Currently the issue they are running into is needing to define a linker
> script, but the COFF driver (or MinGW driver) does not have support for
> that.
> Is there documentation or advice for how to use LLD to link for cygwin? As
> a starting point, which driver to use?
> Regards,
> Andrew
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