[llvm-dev] Build clang front end only for few languages ( say C and C++ )

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Are you sure you ar not mixing things? Clang is the frontend for C 
family languages (and name of compiler using it) . There are LLVM based 
compilers for other languages but those are different projects and  not 
part of clang or llvm repositories. According to 
clang contains small amount of code for invoking GCC based fortran and 
java compilers and clangFormat but I doubt those add a significant size 
increase compared to the rest of clang.

Best regards,

Kārlis Seņko

On 2017.09.22. 20:32, Nitish Srivastava via llvm-dev wrote:
> Hi,
>  I am trying to build clang, however the build size is quite large. As 
> clang supports non-C family languages as well ( e.g. Java, Fortran ), 
> is there a way to turn that off during the build. I just want to have 
> support for C and C++ and don't care about other languages.
> Is there a CMake option that needs to be set to do that??
> Thanks a lot!
> Best Regards,
> Nitish
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