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Mon Sep 25 16:03:33 PDT 2017

Hello all,

I have two Tablegen questions in the context of an unconventional
architecture.  The pertinent details: the architecture has multiple
register files that are selected via a bit in the instruction.  One of the
register files is a traditional one.  The other is unconventional in that
all source and dest registers are both read from and written to by the
instructions.  So

add special0, special1, special2

would require both the ins and outs dags in the instruction info to have
all three registers, if I understand the scheduler correctly.

My questions:
1) Is my assumption that both ins and outs dags must have all three special
registers correct?
2) Is there a way to template ins and outs and mix that with multiclass, or
do I need to elaborate all options?  I can't find a similar example where
ins and outs are conditionally populated for an instruction.

Right now I'm using 4.0.1.  I used to have the if(eq()) embedded in the
templates, but that doesn't generate.  I'm currently trying to create a
class containing the ins and outs dags, using if(eq()) extensively, so that
the multiclass template for the instructions is a single line.  Code
follows (probably not correct due to name mangling).

class IO_MultSrc<bits<2> op0Type, RegisterClass Src0RC> {
  dag insDefault = !if(!eq(op0Type, 0b01),
                       (ins SpecialReg:$dst, Src0RC:$a),
                       (ins Src0RC:$a));

multiclass MultSrc1Spec<bits<5> subOpcode, bits<2> op0t, string opcodeStr,
RegisterClass RegType> {
    def _allspecial:
      MultSrcOneDestInst<subOpcode, op0t, 0b00,
                         IO_MultSrc<op0t, SpecialReg>.outsDefault,
                         IO_MultSrc<op0t, SpecialReg>.insDefault>;

multiclass TwoSrcOneDestSpec<bits<5> subOpcode, string opcodeStr> {
  defm _dds: MultSrc1Spec<subOpcode, 0b10, opcodeStr, SpecialReg>;
  defm _rr: MultSrc1Spec<subOpcode, 0b11, opcodeStr, GPReg>;

defm ADD   : TwoSrcOneDestSpec<0b10000, "add">;

I currently get the error "Undefined reference:'ADDanonymous_545'" when I
try to generate.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, even if that advice is "don't try
to conditionally set ins and outs."

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