[llvm-dev] Question regarding GlobalMappingLayer in LLVM 5

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Fri Sep 22 14:04:01 PDT 2017


I'm attempting to port some code which uses the GlobalMappingLayer in the Orc JIT.  This code worked fine in LLVM 4, but I'm getting a compile error with LLVM 5.  I think the problem is that this layer hasn't been modified to account for some of the changes made in LLVM 5, but I wanted to make sure that I wasn't missing something.

I have code which looks like this:

      ModuleHandle addModule(std::unique_ptr<Module> M) {
        // Build our symbol resolver:
        // Lambda 1: Look back into the JIT itself to find symbols that are part of
        //           the same "logical dylib".
        // Lambda 2: Search for external symbols in the host process.
        auto Resolver = createLambdaResolver(
                                             [&](const std::string &Name) {
                                               if (auto Sym = OptimizeLayer.findSymbol(Name, false))
                                                 return Sym;
                                               return JITSymbol(nullptr);
                                             [](const std::string &Name) {
                                               if (auto SymAddr =
                                                 return JITSymbol(SymAddr, JITSymbolFlags::Exported);
                                               return JITSymbol(nullptr);

        // Add the set to the JIT with the resolver we created above and a newly
        // created SectionMemoryManager.
        return OptimizeLayer.addModule(std::move(M),

Where OptimizeLayer is:

      IRTransformLayer<GlobalMappingLayerT, OptimizeFunction> OptimizeLayer;

This worked fine with LLVM 4, but causes a problem in LLVM 5.  It looks like the issue is that IRTransformLayer::addModule returns an Expected<ModuleT>, whereas GlobalMappingLayer returns just a ModuleHandleT.  However, in LLVM 4, IRTransformLayer::addModuleSet returned a ModuleSetT and GlobalMappingLayer::addModuleSet also returned a ModuleSetHandleT, so the types matched up.  In LLVM 5, the CompileOnDemandLayer was changed to return an Expected<ModuleHandleT>, but not GlobalMappingLayer.

Does that explanation seem correct, or am I missing something?



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