[llvm-dev] RFC: [X86] Can we begin removing AutoUpgrade support for x86 instrinsics added in early 3.X versions

Craig Topper via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Wed Sep 20 12:20:00 PDT 2017

We have quite a lot of code in AutoUpgrade.cpp to upgrade X86 intrinsics
that have been replaced with native IR over the years. Has enough time
and/or versions passed that we can begin phasing out some of this code?

As I'm writing these we don't seem to have tests for a lot of the older
upgrades. We've done better at this in the last few years.

3.1 added upgrade for:
x86.sse2.pcmpeq.*  - we have almost no test cases for this
x86.sse2.pcmpgt.* - we no test cases for this
x86.avx2.pcmpeq.*  - we have no test cases
x86.avx2.pcmpgt.* - we have no test cases for this
x86.avx.vpermil.* - we do test this

3.2 added upgrade for:
x86.avx.movnt.* - we have tests for this
x86.xop.vpcom* - we have tests for this
x86.sse41.ptest.* had its signature chagned and we upgrade from the old
signature. We don't have tests for the old signature.
x86.xop.vfrcz.ss/sd had an argument dropped that we upgrade for. We don't
have any tests for the old signature.

3.3 had no upgrades

3.4 removed:
x86.sse42.crc32.64.8 we do have tests that use it

For the complete list of intrinsic upgrade support, there's an annotated
list in ShouldUpgradeX86Intrinsic in AutoUpgrade.cpp

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