[llvm-dev] Store lowering -> Cannot select FrameIndex.

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I'm try to lower the store LLVM-IR instruction as per the following LLVM IR program:

*** IR Dump After Module Verifier ***
define void @storeloadi32() {
  %ptr = alloca i32
  store volatile i32 12, i32* %ptr
  ret void

The target instruction is associated to the store like this:

            def       MOVSUTO_A_iSLr : CLPFPU_A_iSLr<0b1000001101,
                                                (ins IMM32Operand:$ImmA, FPUaRegisterOperand:$RegB),
                                                (outs ),
                                                [(store i32:$ImmA, i16:$RegB)],NoItinerary> {

The selection DAG seems to be correct, but a FrameIndex of 0 as been introduced :

Optimized legalized selection DAG: BB#0 'storeloadi32:'
SelectionDAG has 6 nodes:
      t0: ch = EntryToken
    t5: ch = store<Volatile ST4[%ptr]> t0, Constant:i32<12>, FrameIndex:i16<0>, undef:i16
  t6: ch = CLPISD::RET_FLAG t5

ISEL: Starting pattern match on root node: t5: ch = store<Volatile ST4[%ptr]> t0, Constant:i32<12>, FrameIndex:i16<0>, undef:i16

The lowering correctly catches the store and morphs to right MOVSUTO_A_iSLr MC instruction:

  Initial Opcode index to 331
  Skipped scope entry (due to false predicate) at index 339, continuing at 354
  Morphed node: t5: ch = MOVSUTO_A_iSLr<Mem:Volatile ST4[%ptr]> Constant:i32<12>, FrameIndex:i16<0>, t0

ISEL: Match complete!

Then instruction selection try to lower the FrameIndex node !!! This failed...

ISEL: Starting pattern match on root node: t2: i16 = FrameIndex<0>

  Initial Opcode index to 0
  Match failed at index 0
LLVM ERROR: Cannot select: t2: i16 = FrameIndex<0>

How to discard this FrameIndex<0> ?


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