[llvm-dev] Wrong types for attribute

Dipanjan Das via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Sat Sep 9 20:20:59 PDT 2017

I am using DataFlowSanitizer pass on ping (inetutuils) source. On clang
optimization level higher than O0, I receive the following error:

Wrong types for attribute: byval inalloca nest noalias nocapture nonnull
readnone readonly sret dereferenceable(1) dereferenceable_or_null(1)

%83 = call i32 (i8*, i64, i8*, i16, i16, i16, i16*, i16*, ...)
@__dfsw_snprintf(i8* %call21, i64 %conv20, i8* nonnull getelementptr
inbounds ([8 x i8], [8 x i8]* @.str.9.43, i64 0, i64 0), i16 nonnull %64,
i16 %63, i16 0, i16* %82, i16* %labelreturn, i8* %78, i8* %call6) #11, !dbg

fatal error: error in backend: Broken function found, compilation aborted!
clang-3.8: error: clang frontend command failed with exit

What does this error mean?


Thanks & Regards,
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