[llvm-dev] DragonEgg for GCC v8.x and LLVM v6.x is just able to work

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On 09/07/2017 04:46 PM, Shobaki, Ghassan via llvm-dev wrote:
> > Out of curiosity, what is motivating this work?  What is the usecase 
> for dragonegg these days, now that Clang has great C++ support?  Are 
> you interested in Ada + LLVM or some other frontend?
> >
> > -Chris
> We are using Dragonegg in our academic research, because we are using 
> SPEC CPU2006 for benchmarking. CPU2006 has many FP benchmarks written 
> in Fortran, and this is still the case in CPU2017. Half of the FP 
> benchmarks in CPU2017 have Fortran code. We are not particularly 
> interested in Fortran, but I assume that this benchmark selection 
> reflects the fact that a lot of important scientific programs are 
> written in Fortran. We will be happy to use Flang as soon as it is 
> ready and capable of compiling CPU2017. Our life will be much easier 
> with a native Fortran front end.

I believe that it can now. You should go to flang-compiler.org and, if 
you find a problem, please file an issue on the flang github page.


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