[llvm-dev] Status of debuginfo-tests

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Thu Sep 7 11:51:56 PDT 2017

> On Sep 7, 2017, at 11:47 AM, Zachary Turner <zturner at google.com> wrote:
> On Thu, Sep 7, 2017 at 11:41 AM Adrian Prantl <aprantl at apple.com <mailto:aprantl at apple.com>> wrote:
> > On Sep 7, 2017, at 11:23 AM, Zachary Turner <zturner at google.com <mailto:zturner at google.com>> wrote:
> >   How do you run it?
> The repository is supposed to be cloned into llvm/tools/clang/test and will then appear as part of check-clang.
> >   It doesn't appear to be based on lit, any particular reason?
> It is most definitely based on lit.
> Hmm, I'm using a mono-repo and it appears under a top-level debuginfo-tests folder that doesn't have any lit configuration files.

That's a bug in the monorepo :-)
More seriously: This is probably a good idea. This way people who want to run them, can symlink them into llvm/tools/clang/test.
They don't have a lit configuration because they expect to be checked out into clang's test directory.

-- adrian
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