[llvm-dev] [RFC] Adding ARC backend

Pete Couperus via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Wed Sep 6 08:56:09 PDT 2017

Hello Leslie,

>$ /opt/arc-gnu/bin/arc-elf32-gcc -o hello.o -c hello.c $ /opt/arc->gnu/bin/arc-elf32-readelf -r hello.o
>Relocation section '.rela.text' at offset 0x1b0 contains 2 entries:
> Offset     Info    Type            Sym.Value  Sym. Name + Addend
>00000016  0000051b R_ARC_32_ME       00000000   .rodata + 0
>0000001a  00000a11 R_ARC_S25W_PCREL  00000000   puts + 0
>then I could implement some ARC relocation at first.

Implementing some of the ARC relocations first sounds good to me.

>I filled the form for simulator 4 days ago, but still no reply yet...

Sorry about this.  I asked around, is this taken care of now?  If you have questions about these tools, or other non-LLVM ARC topics, feel free to contact me off-list.


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