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- Anywhere in the US or Canada

Coherent Logix is looking for experienced compiler engineers to design and
develop a state-of-the-art C compiler targeted for Coherent Logix’s 4th
generation multi-core embedded chip (HX4) using the LLVM compiling system
framework. In this position, you will co-share the following
responsibilities with other senior compiler engineers:
Customize LLVM backend to utilize the HX4 instruction set efficiently.
Apply advanced compilation techniques targeting a multi-core instruction
set architecture.
Develop efficient algorithms for whole program optimization, parallel code
generator and high performance library
Closely collaborate with architecture designers
Create compiler guided tools to assist user to develop or debug application
running on a multi-core environment

- MS in Computer Science with 5+ years of experience in EDA SW tools and 2+
years of experience in compiler development.
- Experience with the LLVM compiling system.
- Experience in Place and Route algorithms.
- Experience with developing compiler optimization techniques for embedded
- Excellent knowledge of graph theory and graph based algorithms.
- Proficient in C/C++
- Ability to work independently in start-up environment.
- Excellent communication skills
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