[llvm-dev] storing MBB MCSymbol in custom section

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Dear Sameer,

My assembly file shows that my new section (__custom_section) is being
created and populated with the basic block labels (.quad .LBB0_0,
.LBB0_1, ... etc) and other statistical data I am inputting (.long
19). If I compile without adding these basic block labels (.LBB0_0,
etc) my application compiles, links, and runs successfully as the
vanilla application would. Are you saying .LBB0_0, etc. is not an
actual basic block label used by LLVM? Inspecting assembly of other
parts of the file, I see branches reference these "things" (e.g. jge

Thanks for the response.



On Mon, Nov 27, 2017 at 9:57 PM, Sameer AbuAsal <sabuasal at codeaurora.org> wrote:
> Hi,
> I don't think file is actually "compiling fine", the error message indicates that it is failing while trying to write the object file.
> Looking at the assembly file I think you are emitting the section name but I don't see any labels inside your section (unless you mean __custome_section is a label). If your Basic block have no labels I think whatever object writer you use will not create symbols for it. Perhaps you should look around that area.
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> Dear llvm-dev-list,
> I have created my own custom section to be added at the end into a binary upon compilation which contains address of all basic blocks. As the final address of the basic block is not known until link time, I collect the MCSymbol* Symbol Values per BB in a temp array and at the in the custom section and emit it (emitSymbolValue) into my section within EmitEndOfAsmFile()
> I have found people looking at slightly different uses of the basic block address but running into the same problem as me when compiling.
> $clang calc_pi.c -o calc_pi
> fatal error: error in backend: Undefined temporary symbol
> However when only compiling (incompletely via -S), e.g. $clang calc_pi.c -o calc_pi -S , it does compile with the expected outputs and the basic block labels properly generated in my section. I get a file with proper labels
> e.g.
> __custom_section:
>     .long   19
>     .quad   .LBB0_0
>     .long   1
>     .quad   .LBB0_1
>     .long   28
>     .quad   .LBB0_2
>     .long   3
> ... etc.
> TLDR: compiles correctly, will not link successfully to make a binary because the symbol of the basic block in the .text section doesn't exist. How do I ensure the Basic Block Symbol does not get destroyed until my section is read in as well during linking?
> Followup Question: How do I ensure that after my section has been fleshed out with addresses, that I may then destroy those symbol values as intended.
> I feel it has something to do with the liveness of the basic blocks symbols however I do not know where they are "destroyed" to prevent this from happening to allow my custom section containing the basic block labels to also be "converted to addresses" as in its original function scope.
> Sincerely,
> Chris
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