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Hi Christian,

ORC doesn't have any locks internally at the moment. Approach (1) is the
recommended solution. I'm working on a refactor that should be out in a few
weeks that will improve threading support, and I expect to put more effort
into multi-threaded performance in the next few months.

Out of interest, are you saying that approach (1) was a regression compared
to MCJIT's behavior?


On Mon, Nov 6, 2017 at 12:28 PM, Christian Schafmeister via llvm-dev <
llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org> wrote:

> How would I go about enabling the ORC JIT to compile code in multiple
> threads?
> Some background:
> I’ve switched Clasp (an implementation of Common Lisp that uses llvm as
> the backend - github.com/drmeister/clasp) over to using ORC as its JIT.
> I did this by following the Kaleidoscope tutorial.    I have a ClaspJIT_O
> class that copies the KaleidoscopeJIT class.
> https://github.com/drmeister/clasp/blob/analyze/include/
> clasp/llvmo/llvmoExpose.h#L4370
> Clasp is multithreaded and it needs to compile code in multiple threads
> because it uses the JIT to generate dispatch functions for multiple
> dispatch/generic functions.  To make this possible, every thread gets its
> own LLVMContext and every type and llvm::Module that is linked into JITted
> code in each thread is initialized lazily and thread-locally.   Despite
> this - I experience frequent, random crashes when I try to use the ORC JIT
> from multiple threads.
> Here’s what I’ve tried:
> (1) This works:   wrap a lock/mutex around access to one ClaspJIT_O
> object, the calls to ClaspJIT_O::addModule and a call to
> jitFinalizeReplFunction are protected by the lock:
> https://github.com/drmeister/clasp/blob/dev/src/llvmo/llvmoExpose.cc#L3999
> The Common Lisp code that does the lock and calls these functions:
> https://github.com/drmeister/clasp/blob/analyze/src/lisp/
> kernel/cmp/jit-setup.lsp#L598
> This throttles the system and limits one thread at a time to add modules
> to the JIT and lookup symbols in the JIT.  It’s not bad - I can live with
> it.
> (2) This fails:  Keep a thread local copy of a ClaspJIT_O object that is
> lazily initialized as soon as any compilation happens in a thread.
> (3) This fails: Keep a thread local copy of a ClaspJIT_O object that is
> initialized as in #2 AND wrap a lock/mutex around ClaspJIT_O::addModule and
> a call to jitFinalizeReplFunction.   What I thought I was testing here was
> if there was some global resource that ORC uses and despite having multiple
> thread-local ClaspJIT_O objects the different threads were trampling that
> common global resource.
> I can provide many more details on request.
> Christian Schafmeister
> Professor, Chemistry
> Temple University
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