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NTFS journals writes and keeps a fairly large buffer so it'd have to be a
very well timed, fast power loss.  Software should do what it could to
alleviate this (especially in long runtime cases) but a cheap UPS or some
form of hardware battery backed hardware RAID is a better solution if the
data is that important, IMO.

As an aside, Windows 10 with enough RAM can run for at least 3 minutes with
the system drive cable pulled.  I did it accidentally once while
hot-swapping another drive that snagged it.  No data corruption, NTFS
journals in memory finished the write when I noticed my clumsy and and
plugged it back in.  Just anecdotal but funny to me.


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> Mark Kettenis <mark.kettenis at xs4all.nl> writes:
> > I'm actually surprised Linux allows this as there are some serious
> > security implications as this allows programs to create an entry in
> > the filesystem for file descriptors passed over a socket.
> BTW, would you mind expanding on what is the security problem of that?
> Thanks,
> Rafael
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