[llvm-dev] [Sanitizer] Sanitizer does not identify violation

Mahesh Attarde via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Sat Nov 4 12:01:19 PDT 2017

Hello fellas,
  Recently i was working on bug, which is simplified as follow.


int thisShallError(int b[10]){
int gaurdTop = 0xF0F0;
int c[16] = {0};
int gaurdDown[16];
gaurdDown[0] = 0x0F0F;
return c[16] | b[11];

int main(){
int mb[32]={0};
mb[11] = 0xF0F0;
std::cout<<std::hex << thisShallError(mb);
return 0;


4 : <source>:4:9: warning: unused variable 'gaurdTop'
[-Wunused-variable] <https://godbolt.org/#>
    int gaurdTop = 0xF0F0;
8 : <source>:8:12: warning: array index 16 is past the end of the
array (which contains 16 elements) [-Warray-bounds]
    return c[16] | b[11];
           ^ ~~
5 : <source>:5:5: note: array 'c' declared here <https://godbolt.org/#>
    int c[16] = {0};
2 warnings generated.
Compiler exited with result code 0


Things to note here.
1. variable b's size is know at compile time and i was expecting error just
like c [third warning]
2. thisShallError accepts size of array as 10 but it is clearly declared
with 32. Should we do something. [Given fact that Array will decay to
pointer but sanitizer may warn, if possible]

I want to confirm if this is bug or not,sanitizer has no false positive
rule scenario??, will happy to patch it myself :)

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