[llvm-dev] LoopSimplify pass prevents loop unrolling

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> Edit. Predecessor -> successor.
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> Hi All,
> In the attached test case there, is an unnested loop with 2 
> iterations. The loop latch block is terminated by an unconditional 
> branch, so simplifycfg folds the almost empty latch block into its 
> *successor* which is the loop header. This results in an additional 
> backedge in the CFG, so when LoopRotate pass is called it 
> canonicalizes the loop into a nested loop. However, now the loop trip 
> count is unpredictable as the BackedgeTakenCount for the outer loop is 
> not loop invariant. As a result the loop cannot be unrolled. Is this 
> the intended canonicalization for this loop or is the loopsimplify 
> canonicalizing incorrectly? Should simplifycfg skip folding the latch 
> block into the loop header if this results in additional backedges and 
> let the empty blocks be folded during CGP? More details in 
> https://bugs.llvm.org/show_bug.cgi?id=33605.

We have code that's supposed to prevent this from happening; see 
https://reviews.llvm.org/rL264697 .  Maybe it also needs to check 
whether the destination of the branch is a loop header?


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