[llvm-dev] Zen arch in 5.0?

Das, Dibyendu via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Thu Jun 29 23:14:11 PDT 2017

We are preparing the patches for the scheduler. Regarding register allocator I don’t think there's anything big. Maybe minor tweaks. We need to work a bit more on the TTI and cost model though as there are differences between Intel and AMD on latencies/micro-coding of certain instructions. 

Cant really comment on zen2 specifics at this point. 

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So there's more patches in the pipeline to land, then?

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> Scheduler - yes.
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> Will 5.0 have scheduler, reg alloc etc. bits for explicit support of 
> AMD's 1st gen Zen (Ryzen, Epyc) arch?
> Is it safe to assume that the changes for Zen's 2nd gen will land 
> prior to the hardware release, once the 1st gen is added? I think zen2 
> will arrive next year.

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