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I strongly suggest that you take a break from this email thread and 
careful consider the points Chandler has made about community norms and 
expectations before returning to this discussion.

Chandler has been exceedingly patient with explaining why your behaviour 
is problematic and made several concrete suggestions as to productive 
next steps you should take.

You are actively violating the community expectations around interaction 
on the public mailing lists.  Your behaviour on this thread is not 
acceptable and must stop.


On 06/28/2017 11:03 PM, Chandler Carruth via llvm-dev wrote:
> On Wed, Jun 28, 2017 at 10:53 PM Peter Lawrence 
> <peterl95124 at sbcglobal.net <mailto:peterl95124 at sbcglobal.net>> wrote:
>     >
>     > Having read all of these threads, I am thoroughly convinced by
>     the positions put forward by others.
>     >
>     Chandler,
>                    others have decided to let the compiler continue
>     mis-compiling the
>     function-inlining example, others have decided to not fix the
>     inability to hoist
>     a loop invariant divide out of a loop. It sounds like you haven’t
>     even thought
>     about these things let alone be convinced by anything.  Am I
>     missing something
>     or have you forgotten what we are talking about here ?
> Please stop with (what I can only interpret as) personal attacks. I 
> haven't forgotten what we are talking about.
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